Quadel - North Carolina

Since 2001, Quadel has managed, on behalf of HUD, a statewide portfolio of Section 8 assisted multifamily properties.  Quadel is responsible for compliance monitoring of the owners and agents of these properties, a task it accomplishes through annual on-site assessments.  In partnership with the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, Quadel processes contract renewals and rent adjustments and approves housing assistance payments to owners through its Indiana-based Financial Services Center.  North Carolina staff also address resident concerns and provide the housing community with a resource for better understanding of HUD regulations in the Section 8 program.  Under this performance-based contract, Quadel has distributed more than $775 million in accurate housing assistance payments to owners and earned 100 percent of available fees. 

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Amy Vorenkamp
Managing Director 
North Carolina Quadel
1 Copley Parkway
The Concourse Building, Suite 106
Morrisville, NC 27560
Tel (919) 319-0808
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