Low Income Housing Tax Credit

Quadel offers a variety of Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) services to meet the needs of public, private, and nonprofit program stakeholders.


Quadel provides tax credit compliance monitoring services to owners and managers of tax credit properties as well as state agencies responsible for monitoring their state's tax credit portfolio.  Quadel currently provides a range of LIHTC compliance services, including:

  • Move-in or Recertification Certification Reviews (on or off-site)
  • Certification Procedure and Forms Review
  • Compliance Manual Development
  • Technical Assistance
  • Physical Inspection Assessments
  • Training and Certification

Mixed Finance

Quadel offers compliance consulting services to assist clients in overcoming mixed finance challenges. For example, when property development or re-development of affordable housing layers Section 236, public housing or HOME subsidies with a Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) allocation, the multiple occupancy requirements can conflict, causing confusion for management staff.  Quadel offers compliance consulting services to address such challenges, such as tenant file audits and on-site technical assistance.


Quadel offers a range of tax credit and mixed finance compliance training programs, including the Tax Credit Compliance System (TaCCs) training and certification program.  See descriptions for the following tax credit-related courses for more information:

 Quadel Partners

Client, Term, Services

State Housing Finance Agency

August 2008 - Present
  • State HFA's portfolio includes more than 17,000 units in 400 properties
  • Provided customized LIHTC compliance training and review and revise LIHTC compliance manual.

Management Company

May 2004 - May 2006
  • 3,000+ units
  • 16+ properties located in six states
  • Provided comprehensive compliance monitoring services to entire portfolio, including LIHTC, mortgage revenue bond, HOME, Mod Rehab, and Low-Income Public Housing programs.
  • Maintained a Q&A service for site managers
  • Verfied timeliness of TRACS submissions.
  • Provided on-site consulting on as-needed basis.
May 2006 - Present
  • Review move-in and annual tenant certifications for LIHTC compliance.
  • Provide compliance forms and training to staff.

Management Company

October 2004 - April 2008
  • 500+ Units
  • 6 properties located in VA
  • Performed recertification waiver reviews for properties as an authorized reviewer of the tax credit allocation agency.


April 2005 - May 2006
  • 2,500 units
  • 15+ states
  • Reviewed approximately 2,500 tenant files for LIHTC compliance.

Management Company

February - June 2004
  • 673 units
  • 2 properties located in MD and NJ
  • Conducted compliance audit for 100% of tenant files.

Management Company

January 2001 - October 2003
  • 723 units
  • 2 properties located in MD
  • Conducted compliance audit of 100% of tenant files; provided interim report; and conducted quality control review to determine if findings were addressed by staff.